Mission accomplished!

Day 371 | $3,970.97 paid | $8,175.76 until freedom

Mission Failed, actually

I’ve been aware of the impendingness of the one-year mark of this blog’s inception. I knew I wasn’t going to win. To be honest with you, I think I knew all along – didn’t everyone?

But as I said in my last post, my life is defined by a new set of conditions: my loan is going to accrue more than 1/3 less interest over time, because I paid so much into the interest-heavy half of the loan; I started a business (partnership with Joe pending his motivation to actually do some work (Just kidding, Joe. Love you, buddy. You’re a hard-working badass!)); I am more competent and organized than I’ve ever been; I can make really pretty metal stuff in multiple design languages.

I would love to say I learned a lot of valuable lessons by running this blog. In fact I didn’t learn much at all. I already knew that being poor was expensive. I knew my challenge was fundamentally different from Joe’s. I knew the difference between nominal and actual frugality. I knew it would be hard and I would be throwing a lot of my heart at a big brick wall.

But I did benefit a great deal, just by publicly making a promise to myself. I focussed my energy, and gave myself an amazing excuse for not spending money on my friendships. I took strange risks, and focused on their capital-generating value rather than their life-generating value.

I wore someone else’s hat for a year, and I think I looked alright in it.

Thank you to everyone who got involved. I’m grateful for the people who kept my page-views inexplicably high, and especially to those who wrote back in my comments.

I’ll be monitoring this blog for a while, and I have no intentions of pulling it down. I might write to it periodically, but I’m not making any more promises.

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